Robert T Harvey is an experienced composer based in LonDon UK


Blogtor Who - 2017

"It takes all of the elements being their best in order to achieve this level of craftsmanship and directors Lisa Bowerman and Helen Goldwyn have perfectly guided their team through 4 excellent stories but the music and sound design by Robert T Harvey are what shine centre stage as they blanket and these stories with textures so fine you may find yourself wondering why you ever paid for a 3-D film when you could be this immersed just with sound." 


Ian Atkins - 2017

"Working with Rob on this set has been a highlight, not only with his input to the recording process - where he even attended a couple of the studio days and joined the rest of us with shouting on the wild tracks! - but in hearing his music work as it came together,” producer Ian Atkins tells us, “I used to buy movie soundtrack CDs by the score, and this fits beautifully alongside them." 


Blogtor Who - 2016

"One of the standout features is the music. It fits perfectly with the type of story that is being told and also creates an atmosphere which will make you believe you really are in the set time."